Our Mission

Tabernacle of Hope began with a simple purpose; to bring Hope to our world which has lost all hope, purpose and direction.  What is Hope?  Hope is rediscovering the God Given Purpose and Potential for which you were born and designed.  Hope is rebirthing the Dreams and Desires of your youth when you believed you could do and be anything.  Hope is giving daily practical Direction to all who have lost their way due to sinful habits, poor decisions and following the ways of the world around them.


Tabernacle of Hope began October 15, 2006 in the Ashley Plaza Hotel in Downtown Tampa.  We moved to our current location at 6907 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL 33604. We are deliberately positioned in inner city Tampa because the inner city is where the major political, business and social decisions of our community are made and where the enemy has established his strongholds.  Many churches and individuals have purposely removed themselves from the inner city leaving behind an urban core of decay, destruction and hopelessness.  

However, a renaissance has begun with the return of businesses and housing developments into the inner city

but this rebirth will not be complete without the Spiritual Revival, Renewal and Restoration our city desperately



We are a dynamic, growing church who believes in the simple, timeless truths of the Word of God without all of the

trappings of the modern day church.  Tabernacle of Hope believes the purpose of the church’s existence is to meet

the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of people in their community and to the world beyond.  The ministry

philosophy we incorporate is a blend of genuine heartfelt worship, sound biblical instruction, and individual and

corporate fellowship accompanied by personal evangelism. Every program and outreach is designed to accomplish

one of three goals: introduce people to Jesus Christ, mature people in their walk with Christ; and motivate people to

show their love for Christ to others. Our theme is “Restoring Hope One Heart At A Time”.   We want people to know

that our Lord Jesus Christ is a God of second chances and that he is still working on all of us.